What Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup PerlaClay pink makeup Beauty

What Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup

What’s pink makeup good for? Let’s face it: without a doubt, pink shades are some of the sexiest colors around!

The color is extremely eye-catching, so if you’re going to wear it, you’ll want to stand out in a crowd.

If you’re not sure what to wear, check out these eye-catching pink makeup looks, which may just put an extra smile on your face (and the desire to apply pink makeup to your eyes).

A pop of pink is always a great way to make anyone feel a little bit more cheerful. So add a dash of color with this fun and glamorous pink makeup tips.

Make your eyes pop with subtle peachy shades or a bold bronzer-based pink liner; either way, your eyes will get a fantastic lift with this dramatic look.

Make your eyes the focal point of your face with a dramatic lip color; add a little bit of drama with a tiny brushstroke of your liner, and you’ll have your audience’s attention instantly.

Sexy Pink Makeup

A very beautiful look that comes off as full of cheeky cheek and eye-ring-adoring naughtiness is an elaborate eye shadow effect that incorporates a few shades of pink eye shadow.

Start by lining your eyelash line; choose a soft shade of pink that doesn’t clash with your skin tone, then brush a moderately dark liner across your entire eyelid area.

When applied properly, this will create a gorgeous array of smoky colors that will help bring out your eye’s natural beauty.

Finish with a few shades of mascara to really complete the look.

What Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup PerlaClay pink makeup BeautyWhat Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup PerlaClay pink makeup Beauty

Cheeks are a very important aspect of your overall pink makeup scheme.

While pink bridesmaid dresses are usually pretty, they’re also quite feminine with their natural pink undertones.

To achieve the perfect flush of pink that will wash out all of your other makeup, you’ll want to apply a highlighter to your cheeks before your makeup, and use a tiny brush to take out any harsh lines and wrinkles in your complexion.

A highlight shade should be chosen specifically for the tones of pink in your facial skin; you don’t want to highlight your cheeks in a bright pink color that will wash out everything else in your look.

There are a couple of other ways to incorporate pink into your pink makeup without overwhelming the eye palette.

Darker shades of pink can actually work wonders when applied to the eyelid area to bring out the eyes’ natural color and depth.

There are also light-coverage shades of pink that work wonders when used along with the highlighter shade that you’ve picked.

You can also use two shades of highlighter to create a more dramatic eyeliner look, using slightly darker shades to add depth and light up the lower lash line for an extra pop of color, or you can use a bit of shimmery powder as an eye-shiner that will lay well against the base of your eyelids.

Naturally Glossy Mascara

When it comes to the eye makeup itself, you have a wide variety of options.

One way to incorporate pink is to use a darker shade of pink eye shadow for the eyelids and a lighter shade of pink for the ring and brow bones.

You can even use black eye shadow to create a dark smoky eye look, which is great for evening or night events.

There are also several hot pink glitter pencils on the market that will create gorgeous lines for your eyes and a beautiful smoky effect.

What Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup PerlaClay pink makeup BeautyWhat Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup PerlaClay pink makeup Beauty

Your cheeks will be the focus of your pink makeup looks, but you also have plenty of other options.

For a daytime look, try applying a bit of pink blush to your cheeks and lightly brushing some onto your temples.

For a nighttime look, you can use a bit of black blush along with some shimmery mascara for a dramatic look.

Remember, the rule of thumb when it comes to applying blush is: it’s all about using as much as you need.

Delicious Tinted Balm – Grenadine in Love

If you are applying too much, it will just look like you have excessive eye makeup, rather than natural pink blush.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can incorporate pink into your makeup without having to actually use pink.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can even use a bit of brown eyeshadow along with a bit of pink shimmer powder to create a great smokey eye look.

A great tip from a makeup artist who specializes in eye makeup is to use a bit of white eye shadow along with a dab of pink highlighter on the waterline of your eye.

A.G.E. Eye Complex for Dark Circles

This can be a great way to highlight your brow bones without being too obvious. Makeup artists know how to make your pink makeup look great!

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