• Shh! Don’t Share This Glitter Eye Makeup Insider Secret PerlaClay Glitter Eye Makeup Beauty

    Shh! Don’t Share This Glitter Eye Makeup Insider Secret

    For an easy and fun glitter eye makeup application, simply sweep on a shimmery, light-colored shadow from the center of your eyelids toward the outer corner of your eyes. Any good all-over eye makeup looks must start out with a nice base. You have so many choices on what color, to begin with! If you opt for a glittery lighter color, such as brown or gray, you can go for either a brown or gray. A metallic or smoky brown can be great, or you might try gold shimmer. If you really want a glamorous glitter look but are looking for something a bit more subtle, try silver glitter eye…

  • How to Choose the Perfect Eye Highlighter PerlaClay eye highlighter Beauty

    How to Choose the Perfect Eye Highlighter

    Eye highlighter is a great way to highlight your eyes, add a bit of color and drama, or even just jazz things up a bit. They are very easy to apply, and they come in a variety of different finishes. If you want something that sparkles a bit then opt for a glittery finish. If you prefer a warm glow then opt for the traditional pencil. And, if you are looking to create an altogether different look then use a highlighter with a clear base and then add on color on top. There are some tips to keep in mind when using a highlighter. This means that you want to…

  • A Guide to What Birthday Makeup at Any Age PerlaClay birthday makeup Beauty

    A Guide to What Birthday Makeup at Any Age

    Do you need some help with the Birthday makeup look? I know when you turn sixteen you are all excited about your life, and your birthday is a special occasion. Your friends are all celebrating your approaching birthday, and as you are the center of attention you have to stay on top of your beauty routine. Do not forget the makeup! When you turn sixteen, it is time to start thinking about your makeup. There is no reason to be timid or self-conscious about your makeup, so get ready for a beautiful, all-over Birthday makeup look. It is important to remember what your birthday is when learning how to create…

  • Pink Eye Makeup on a Budget? It's Not as Hard as You Think PerlaClay pink eye makeup Beauty

    Pink Eye Makeup on a Budget? It’s Not as Hard as You Think

    When you go to your local beauty salon or even do a Google search on the topic, you will see several different suggestions for pink eye makeup. It almost seems as though every single eye makeup artist has their own take on the color. A lot of times, the artists will use two totally different shades of pink, or they will use two completely different colors. As you can imagine, this can be very confusing to an amateur. So how do you make sure that you are getting the pink eye makeup that you want for your eyes? The first thing that you should consider is the color itself. The…

  • What Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup PerlaClay pink makeup Beauty

    What Everyone Must Know About Pink Makeup

    What’s pink makeup good for? Let’s face it: without a doubt, pink shades are some of the sexiest colors around! The color is extremely eye-catching, so if you’re going to wear it, you’ll want to stand out in a crowd. If you’re not sure what to wear, check out these eye-catching pink makeup looks, which may just put an extra smile on your face (and the desire to apply pink makeup to your eyes). A pop of pink is always a great way to make anyone feel a little bit more cheerful. So add a dash of color with this fun and glamorous pink makeup tips. Make your eyes pop…

  • Why You Have Acne On Back Of Neck and How to Clear It Up PerlaClay acne on back of neck Beauty

    Why You Have Acne On Back Of Neck and How to Clear It Up

    Having acne on back of neck can be very problematic. Even though very common in adolescents, it can remain into adulthood for both males and females. Acne on back of neck is similar to facial acne in that the skin on that area is quite thick and creates more oil (sebum) at times than other areas of the body. The face is the only part of the body that produces oil in a significant amount. What causes acne on back of neck ? Acne is caused by a variety of factors such as; stress, hormones, diet, or medications. Stress is the number one cause of pimples. Stress can occur from…

  • Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair PerlaClay summer hairstyles Beauty

    Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

    When the weather is warm, it is time for some summer hairstyles to relax and give you a boost of self confidence. Everyone is feeling great about themselves at this time and it is time to show it. One such great look is the cascading waterfall braid. It is so simple, yet so funky, and if you want to try something new this summer, this is the one to try. If you are having trouble trying this hairstyle on yourself, try this. These cool and sexy summer hairstyles are easy to achieve. This easy down low ponytail takes no time to perform from start to end and you do not…

  • The Trending Stuff About Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes PerlaClay eyeliner for downturned eyes Beauty

    The Trending Stuff About Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes

    Eyeliner for downturned eyes is as important to your appearance as any other makeup application. It can either make you look more glamorous or less so. And depending on the look you’re going for, there are several different looks that can be achieved with a good liner. Read through these tips to help you choose the right look. Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes: How To Choose? When applying eyeliner for downturned eyes, it is important that you take into consideration the angle at which you will be applying the color. If you are applying it towards the bottom of your eyelids, then you want to use a darker shade of eyeliner…

  • Best Non Clumping Mascara Review - Pros & Cons PerlaClay best non clumping mascara Beauty

    Best Non Clumping Mascara Review – Pros & Cons

    Did you know that there are many different brands of best non clumping mascara out there for you to choose from? So many different formulas come and go on the market that it can be hard to find the one that will work best for your lashes. Not to worry though, there are ways that you can determine which formula you are going to want to use. Here are some tips that will help you find the best non clumping mascara for you. >>We found the best mascaras you can buy<< If you have eyelash hairs that are extremely thick and heavy, then the best non clumping mascara for you…

  • Different Advanced Skin Care Treatments PerlaClay advanced skin care Beauty

    Different Advanced Skin Care Treatments

    At Advanced Skin Care Solutions, your service doesn’t end at affordable acne and facial treatments; they literally transform lives. From severe or mild acne to sun exposure to extreme facial peels or when simply wanting to escape and shine, Estheticians can transform your skin, making all of you feel beautiful. Whether you’ve got a face that lacks beauty, old age, or simply a dry complexion, this is the place to come for help. They offer an extensive range of options tailored to meet the needs of all skin types and all budgets. Their staff employs a variety of methods including, but not limited to, gentle exfoliation, laser treatments, and the…